Thursday, 7 August 2014

How does a business without logo sabotage you?

In this time and age, industries around the world are blooming and expanding at a voracious rate. Everyday approximately 100 new startups are initiated by entrepreneurs or by joint ventures. New startups often face a lot of troubles, financially and intellectually. Finding the right resource is sometimes a tough job, especially in this recession stricken economy. Finding the right person to handle your company affairs may be tough but not impossible. Once this is done, many other issues are lined up on the table; questions like, how long will we last? How much more internal issues will we face? Competition is gaining fast, what strategy do we opt? When will we start generating revenues? … But the most important question to ask is WHAT; what do we do to make our company stand out? What will affect our profits? What do we do to improve our company image and for what duration does this effect last? These questions are never ending and sometimes even difficult to answer and tackle. But they don’t last forever either.  

CEO’s of such companies usually have it all planned out and strategized to what mode of operation they want to proceed their company with. The most important part for any company is their outlook. The way they appear to their target audience is how they will establish a loyal customer base. Superficial as it may be but looks conquer first and then a good service does. If your look and feel is good, only then would a customer proceed in doing business with you. 

Perception is key in Marketing. How you perceive a brand the first time you see it, is what you will think of it for the rest of your life. We have heard many a times, A good first impression is a basic necessity; Make your impressions last or, one of the most famous ones, First impression is the last impression. Why is this important in marketing? Well, Marketing is not all creativity, strategy and fun; it involves psychological factors big time.

To explain this, consider an example of a logo design company in Australia who designs all sorts of graphics for you. Now, when you have your design ready and you place your product in a well-known store that has a good amount of customer traffic. When a customer glances by your company product, the first thing that he/she will notice is your Business Logo Design. Investing a good amount in designing your logo is vital for company survival. If it is shady or lacks any concept or brand mantra; your product will fail big time.

One might consider that this is a very small part of the whole picture. Believe it or not, this small ealing, use a creative design that shows your brand ethos. By following simple guidelines to what it does for your brand identity, you can achieve your sales profits in no time. But remember, change is a constant. Change your image from time to time; this will improve your standing in the market. Pick the right strategy and you won’t sabotage your company or the product/services you offer. 
element is very important. It establishes and enhances your company image and puts a positive tick in the minds of your target audience. Keep your colors simple and app

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