Wednesday, 6 August 2014

The new Era of Color Psychology; Logo + Web Design & Its Impact

One might wonder to why colors even matter when thinking of a design? The answer is that they explain the expression, idea and psychology of the creator. When we design something, we think of a concept layout, and then we think of a design and then the possible combinations. When we are thinking about a scheme, we are defining what our brand represents. We strategize our design in different shades and make it look aesthetically pleasing; something that soothes the eyes.

Behind every shade, there a psychology attached to it. For example, Blue is the color of calmness, Red of passion and authority, Yellow of happiness, Green of earth, Orange of warmth, purple is of royalty, Black is of sophistication and pink is of love. This list just goes on and on. There are countless hues in the spectrum that have meaning attached to them.

To explain what color and design can add up to is very wide spread and dynamic. If the former is an art, the latter is the glue that sticks the art to the design. It adds life to the design.

 “Color is not just there to please the eye. It represents something more than that. The earth, our thoughts, our moods, our passions, our life- all is explained in them” Says Lucy

Understanding color psychology is very important for any design company. This is also important for people in marketing and branding. Understanding different combinations and their effects help in making a good and informed design that can help attract customers. How does this work? How can color help in the decision making of a customer? This is in fact very true and supported by research.
Research has showed that people respond to brand names, designs and the colors used in making a purchase. Customers have certain shades stuck in their minds and they prefer buying such products. For example, when you go to shop for a dress, you want to buy something  that you like and you like it because it’s in your mind; you have some sort of association with it, probably a first bike or your first cake frosting  .

Design companies use unique combinations to make their logos stand out. Many logo design companies in Sydney use vibrant combinations to explain their brand mantras. They explain what their brand is all about by using dazzling contrasts. Yes, design does matter but design and color go together; like Hansel and Gretel.  If you are a branding enthusiast or want a career in branding/marketing, you need to know the basics of it and their attached meaning. Knowledge is key.

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